Mountain of song

UnknownThe mountain was the only place they felt safe

The mountain was where they could sing from their souls

Life worth less than money

They were one with the earth, one with the ground, one with the mother

Exploited and feeling used, mother earth cries

“We decided to gather at the mountain because it belongs to everybody” the mother shouted while souls were dying

Money covered in the blood of the earth, dripping off the cheek of the man once clothed in humility

Humble and soft, they were one with mother nature, they were calm and reasonable

Patient like the seas and the mountain, believing in ultimate good

The shadow was lurking, exploiting and cruel

Once again the Macbeth scene plays out in the field

The grass die, their souls sang…for freedom

Mother nature still cries, aborted all hope

Like the green blanket, they become one with the earth they once fought for

She holds them warm, in a soft embrace


Too late

Is it too late…?


to express the soul

to dip my toe into the unknown

to find my weakness

to unearth my true self

to understand the darkness I have been hiding

to open up that side

to feel the rejection and judgement

to understand what it has all been about

is it too late?

to be my real self

to find out what it sounds like

to find out what it feels like

to untie the chains

to move out slowly from the mould of society

is it too late?

to rescue the self

to rescue the earth

to rescue my soul

is it too late?

to be unsure

to be uncertain

to question

to feel lost

to feel down

to feel sad

to feel…

to be the person I know I am

is it too late?



Glass Mirror

As fear crumbles
Forming a ball
We look to the glass mirror
Instead of looking inward
At times we have to look outward
As that is who we really are
Obsessed with the outer
When in fact it is the inner
Setting our peace free
A glass mirror which distorts
Our view of the outer
When in fact it is the inner
Darkness is a soulful cloud
Touching the mirror
Realising is it is not you
Your being not set free
The glass mirror shows the sadness
The tears from the outside
Flowing through to inside your heart
Breaking the glass mirror
Being a part of the world
Feeling the pain and fear of the outside
You are inside the world
A part of it
Dont look into the glass mirror
The barrier of unconsciousness
What you see is not yourself
But what is outside
Embrace your connection
What you touch is touched by the earth
What you cry is cried for by the earth
You are the earth

Big Beaked Bird

Sitting at Julius Nyere, red eye flight looking up at the bright lights surrounding the terminal on the outside…
While lost in my own intrique as to the attractiveness of bright light to moths and other flying beings I see on lone big beaked bird sitting there
Staring at the bright light with intense concentration and stillness… catching flying insects with non human precision and accuracy and then eating them
The flying beings have some kind of choas throbbing through their movement…but this bird is not there for greed…just with survival in mind
After watering down my awe at its magnificent accuracy in capturing these fast flying beings i notice that none of the other lights have big beaked birds
I wondered what made this bird notice this fantastic opportunity increasing its chances of survival
I wondered whether this bird feels lonely being the only bird of its kind being so different 
I wondered whether this bird wishes all the other birds could see life the way it sees life, a balanced eco-system
I wondered whether this bird is the last bird of its kind that will be different in the way it approaches life on earth
And just like that the big beaked bird was gone…
Probably full…
Probably blind from staring into the man made light that pierced through its beautiful natural eyes
Trying to survive in a world so unnatural…having to sacrifice its life to live.

The irritation of eating apples!

Was sitting on a flight next to a man furiously reading a report and making notes.

As the meals come, as usual, the hostess needs to check where my special meal is.

And, as usual, the vegan meal comes covered in cheese!

Luckily I had an apple as back up.

The furiously note taking businessman next to me had the usual slap of unconscious breakfast option lined with torture and screams of agony

Stuffing his face with animal products hidden under the human created facade of bacon and sausage rather than dead and tortured pig and crying cow!

After hearing the consumption of anxiety, torment and environmental disaster I took my apple and started eating it.

Beautifully red, sweet and juicy…

The note taking zombie next me started closing his ear closest to me – obviously because eating an apple can at times be a loud endeavour.

I felt so self conscious that I could not finish my apple.

Afterwards I realised that I should have been the one irritated by him eating the flesh of tortured souls…not being aware of what they went through to be stuffed into his face like their lives meant nothing.

So next time, I will eat my apple loudly on my flights to Africa, with juice flying all of the place, with pride.  No animals suffered for me to live or to eat.

Eating animals might be silent on a flight, but the slaughter house where that animal came from is certainly not quiet or clean.



A morning of master

Meditated for a couple of minutes which is something I do not do too often (felt like my soul was bashing against my head).  Then had the intense need to wear crystals and stones…two around my neck, one on my finger and one in my bra!  After that I pulled an angel card – my question was “how is this week going to unravel” but quickly something within me changed my question to “how will my life unravel”.  What was interesting is that I drew the Ascended masters card (first time ever)…After reading about the significance of the card I felt grounded in that I realised this is not my future…what happens this week does not define who I am as a person or what my purpose is in life.  All of this also fed into my understanding of why I was judging somebody in my life so heavily for their self-centeredness (in a obsessive way) and quickly it became clear that I was hating myself for being so self-centered.
I guess the self-centeredness is blocking my soul from embracing my divine purpose…my divine being and divine journey.  To acknowledge that which I hate in myself is to become closer to who I am and be comfortable with how I feel inside and outside.  I need to see and understand that each of these events are synchronous in their emergence.  It motivates a shift in presence from being self serving to all serving and only once that comes into consciousness will true happiness unfold.  But as in all things in the universe balance needs to be held…I need to learn to give enough so as not to give all of myself…but balance has never been my strength. I like extremes because it gives me a sense of freedom, at least for a little while.  Until that freedom is no longer free and it becomes heavy, holding me back from moving forward.  
Although I see the hypocrisy in this (writing about myself) I think writing about myself makes me realise the infinite depth of the experience of soul.  A soul is not constant, it grows and moulds. Sometimes weaker and sometimes stronger. Sometimes slower and sometimes faster.  Peeling away the rational embrace of the mind helps you to uncover the things which connects us to the universe…connects us to the transparent pulse of the earth.  We are all connected to the universe, the world, to beings, to others and to ourselves.  My experiences will hopefully resonate on some level to the experience of others and to the experience of the earth.  To find peace is to melt into the dance of the stars.  Find peace and you will find your soul.